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Dr. Illa, a Stanford University Medical School graduate, has developed a treatment protocol for diabetes that has produced results far better than those achieved by physicians using the standard American Diabetes Association methods.

Dr. Illa’s diabetes treatment protocol uses the same FDA-approved drugs, but he applies them in a logical fashion tailored to each patient#39;s degree of pancreatic and hypothalamic injury. Human blood sugar in the healthy individual is controlled between 70 mg% and 140 mg% by the hypothalamus (part of the central nervous system). The hypothalamus senses the level of glucose in the blood every few seconds and regulates the amount of insulin or glucagon released by the pancreas (see textbook). Dr. Illa's approach is safer than the ADA method because his patients experience much lower rates of hypoglycemia. Furthermore, although attention to diet and exercise is beneficial, these are not mandatory for improvement. However, patients with primary hypoglycemic disorders (Nesidioblatosis and Hypothalamic Hypoglycemia) rather than diabetes per se will continue to have hypoglycemia until these conditions are corrected.

Roberto V. Illa, M.D.

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